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This library/extension for PHP implements basic functions to access database files created with Micro Focus Cobol (.dat e .idx files). These files .dat and .idx are created by the engine of Micro Focus Cobol and contains respectively raw records (in sequential format) and index in order to get direct access to records of table.

At the moment the extension is tested with fixed length record (most useful in MF Cobol archives).

Table of functions

The functions implementation is similar to other php extension to database access as dba* functions. All functions are identified by suffix mfcdb_ + function name:

Function Name Task Status of Implementation
mfcdb_key Declare a key to use in a table OK
mfcdb_create Create a new table OK
mfcdb_open Open a table OK
mfcdb_close Close a table OK
mfcdb_insert Insert new record OK
mfcdb_replace Replace a record OK
mfcdb_delete Delete a record OK
mfcdb_fetch Get the record pointed by key OK
mfcdb_exists Verify if a record exists in table OK
mfcdb_start Select a index and a starting point to reading OK
mfcdb_curr Read current record after a mfcdb_start OK
mfcdb_next Read next record after a mfcdb_start OK
mfcdb_prev Read previous record after a mfcdb_start OK
mfcdb_get_info Get information about table struct and keys declared OK
mfcdb_error Get last error OK
mfcdb_comp3encode Encode a string in COMP-3 format OK
mfcdb_comp3decode Decode data from COMP-3 format OK

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